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Che Guevara Che Guevara

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Mr. Guevara was an inspiration for revolutionaries of his time and onwards, however professing to be a Marxist pretty much negates any positive message you may have. Marxism in and of itself may not be all bad, but socialism is particularly abhorrent, as it is a dictatorship by any other name (not as though any political movement isn't.) where the government (see: dictator) owns and controls everything (see: Any and all government policies, parties and or movements). Personal possession becomes imaginary, and any government that is big enough to provide everything for it's people, is damned sure big enough to take it all back when that time comes. Remember that.

As for the picture itself, there is admittedly a lot to be desired, however you did nail down a "likeness" in the very least.

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TaraGraphika responds:

I consider to enhance such precaution to the picture I drew. I risk and believe what I suppose to show and emphisize to the extreme of my skill into deliberating a common past corruption in a part of a simplify and unword message. For the Movement of political composition where my stand is far too weak to give a vision of such fuse and low goverment standards even to listen and inform the media to get higher respect and understanding the concept of a revolution. Sensitivity comes into too personal demand for the goverment to even start a head for providing such high diabolical havoc which the history is to be made a "teaching". Not too start a fire, but by controlling it we could compress it and reduces such amount to give a peace and rights to the people.
Remember that.=)

Thanks for the comment. I do appreciate such high and meaningful words. Not too follow into political issues. Icon of a rebel and a revolutionary. Che Guevara.

Viva La Revolucion!

Christian Cross Christian Cross

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It looks good for what it is.

The cross, a "Christian" symbol of faith. When in fact the cross had be in use in other circles for quite some time. The christian cult, followers of the "heretic" Yeshu ben Pandera/Pandira (or alternatively Yeshiu ha Notzri) or "Jesus Christ" lifted quite a bit of symbolism from different sects or theories and incorporated them into their cult. Any way, the cross looks good.

Anti Chaos Anti Chaos

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Anit Chaos?

As in anti Kaos (Chaos) Magick? After looking over the tags I would assume that this could be nothing other.